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                                  Hello to all of our  expert care. From Baldwin County to Peach     NAVICENT HEALTH
                                  wonderful friends    County and all the places in between, we
                                  and neighbors!       have a location near you and stand ready to   President and CEO
                                                       serve you when needed for illness, injury or  Dr. Ninfa M. Saunders, FACHE
                                     Allow me to be    preventive care.
                                  among the first                                                    Editorial Advisors
                                  to wish you a           In this summer issue of elevate, we offer  Megan Allen
                                  happy summer.        a variety of tips to ensure you have a fun    Cynthia Busbee
                                  As we head into a    and safe summer while strengthening your
                                  season of warmth     health and wellness. From motorcycle safety   elevate is published quarterly as a
                                  and sunshine, it     to tips for night shift workers and healthy   service of Navicent Health,
is difficult to believe that only a few short          recipes to how to help children in hot cars,  777 Hemlock Street,
weeks ago, our world came together to                  we hope this issue offers a little something  Macon, Georgia 31201.
celebrate the Winter Olympic Games. What               for everyone. We also invite each of you to
a tremendous display of athleticism and a              join us for the health and wellness events,   To sign up to receive or to stop
nice reminder to each of us that health and            classes and support group meetings found      receiving elevate, email Megan Allen,
fitness can be achieved through a variety of           starting on page 7 of this issue.             Public Relations Manager,
fun activities, no matter your interest!                                                             at
   While many of us will use this summer                  With best wishes for a wonderful summer,
season to pursue interests like reading                                                              Published by
and relaxing, others will embark on new                Dr. Ninfa M. Saunders, FACHE
adventures. As you enjoy this season, we ask                                                         true north custom
you to remember that we never take a break             PRESIDENT AND CEO
from providing you and your family with                Navicent Health                               Account Manager
                                                                                                     Debra Branson
                                                                                                     Senior Designer
Navicent Health is in need of volunteers to assist our patients, visitors and staff.                 Katie Kochenderfer
To learn more, please visit
                                                                                                     Managing Editor
      ofT A B L E                                      CONTENTS                                      Valerie Lauer

The Benefits                                                                                         Copywriters
of Reading...................... 3                                                                   Thomas Crocker, Josh Garcia,
                                                                                                     Katy Mena-Berkley, Tiffany Parnell,
Sleepover Safety............. 3                                                                      Hannah Stuart

Motorcycle Rules                                                                                     This publication in no way seeks to serve as
of the Road..................... 4                                                                   a substitute for professional medical care.
                                                                                                     Consult your physician before undertaking any
Shift Work                                             4 11                                          form of medical treatment or adopting any
Survival Guide............... 6                                                                      exercise program or dietary guidelines.

Calendar of Events........ 7

Reshape for
Weight Loss.................. 11

Keeping Kids Out
of Hot Cars................... 12

Skip the Raw Dough.... 14
Health &

12 15Hospital News.............. 15

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