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Reading can spark your imagination and take you
places you’ve never been—it’s also good for your
health. Getting lost in a book may help you:


If you want more time to read,     Being a lifelong reader can make
keep reading. A study by Yale      your brain healthier. Scientists
University researchers found that  from Rush University Medical
book readers were 20 percent       Center found that people who
more likely to stay alive than     read and do other things that keep
people who didn’t read during a    their minds active are less likely to
12-year follow-up period.          develop dementia.


Being able to imagine yourself     WELLNESS ARTICLES TO

in someone else’s shoes is an      YOUR READING LIST BY

important social skill. A University SIGNING UP FOR OUR

of Toronto study suggested that    MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER.

   reading works of fiction may helpEMAIL PUBLICRELATIONS@
   you be more understanding of    NAVICENTHEALTH.ORG TO
5 KITidEsMShSouldn’t Shareotherspeople’semotions.
NEXT TIME YOUR kids go to a sleepover, ask them to keep these items to themselves:  Summer—aka sleepover
                                                                                    season—is here. Don’t let
                                                                                    germs spoil the fun.

1. Lipstick.           2. Earrings.         3. Cell phones.               4. Nail clippers.          5. Hairbrushes and combs.

The mouth is a         Like cell phones,    These are reservoirs          Scratching and nail        Lice and germs can lurk
main entry point for   earrings and other   of bacteria that most         biting can push bacteria   in hair and the tools you
small particles that   types of jewelry     of us hardly ever             and fungus beneath         use to groom it. Ask your
can cause illness,     are overlooked       think to clean, but we        fingernails. Sharing nail  children to bring their own
including the herpes   germ carriers. It’s  should. Cell phones           clippers can spread        to sleepovers and avoid
virus and E. coli      OK for your kids     can carry 10 times            those germs from one       sharing them.
bacteria. Those        to admire their      more bacteria than            sleepover guest to many.
microbes can sneak     friends’ earrings    a typical toilet seat,
onto lipstick and      but discourage       according to The              NEED A PHYSICIAN FOR YOUR FAMILY?
easily spread, so one  trying each          University of Arizona.        VISIT WWW.NAVICENTHEALTH.ORG/FIND-A-DOCTOR.
person per tube        other’s on.
is best.

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